LinkedIn for Social Impact Workshop Nov 23

Missed our "LinkedIn for Impact" workshop on November 23rd?

No worries! The workshop recording and slides are now available exclusively for Career Campus members. They're full of practical insights into how LinkedIn has become an essential tool for professional growth.

Feel free to share the general lessons learned but please refrain from sharing any specific personal details from the workshop.

From a Booooring Platform to One of the Top Social Networks

LinkedIn has grown into a robust platform for networking, learning, and career development, far beyond its initial focus on careers.

Workshop Highlights

  1. Optimizing LinkedIn's Algorithm: Strategies for enhancing your visibility, finding relevant connections, and accessing tailored content.
  2. Effective Daily Engagement: Tips on how to interact on LinkedIn, from quick daily check-ins to more involved content sharing and creation.
  3. Crafting an Informative LinkedIn Feed: Guidance on curating a feed that aligns with your professional interests and aspirations.
  4. Increasing Inbound Engagement: Methods to make your profile more attractive to potential connections and opportunities.
  5. Leveraging LinkedIn Learning for Skill Development: Exploring how LinkedIn Learning can support your ongoing professional development.
  6. Advanced LinkedIn Search Techniques and Tips: Uncovering lesser-known features and strategies to maximize your use of LinkedIn's search and other functionalities.
  7. Building a Standout Profile: Key elements to create a LinkedIn profile that effectively showcases your career story and impact.
  8. Reaching Out and Engaging Others: Best practices for initiating and maintaining meaningful professional connections on LinkedIn.

Access the Workshop Now

The "LinkedIn for Impact" workshop video and presentation slides click below to download them (please don't share with anyone outside the career campus).

Dive in to start enhancing your LinkedIn experience and make the most of this powerful platform for your professional journey.